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Ah, first post are so intimidating. All the pressure of creating an on the spot ice-breaker with the intent to capture and captivate the audience coupled with the ridiculous knowledge that the reader base doesn’t even exist yet. How weird is that?

“Hello air, how about that weather we’ve been having?”

– silence-

“Please be my friend…”*whimper*

I guess now would be a good time to explain the basics. There are a lot of stay at home moms out there and I’m betting I’m not the only one who tries to create an income from the same location. Chances are I’m not even the only artist or struggling author who is attempting to juggle finishing that novel while changing diapers or contain a toddler just long enough to let that last coat of paint dry.

Finding inspiration in the weird chaos of parenting and home making is challenging to say the least and the intent behind this blog is to share my art experiences, portions of what I write and to get feed back, ideas and make connections with artist in similar scenarios. (You know that spot between a changing table and collapsing easel…nap time and dead line…Tonka truck and writers block, you get the idea.) 

I’m going to try and update every weekend with articles about my experiences and perhaps little desperate pleas for attention and advice through out the week, until then

“May your favorite paint brush never fray nor your think tank notebook ever stray”




  1. Looking forward to more posts from a fellow stay at home mom.

  2. YAY! I LOVE reading your stuff. I am not a blog reader at all. I never take time to read blogs, but for YOU my dear, I would take an entire day to read your ramblings because they are the best! P.S. – go make me somethingXOXO Shelly

  3. Welcome to the blog world! I look forward to reading 🙂 Shaina

  4. great first post! looking forward to the next…

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