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The week after Labor Day this year I got the extremely glamorous opportunity to be the make-up artist and artistic director for a photo shoot by Leah Rae Photography out of San Francisco Cali. For those of you who may look her up there is more then one photographer working under that name. I worked for my best and dearest friend in the whole wide world Leah S. (Not Leah H. whom I don’t know personally but do think is a very creative portrait artist.) 

This was my second gig as a make up artist and really the most fun (my first was a last minute stage make-up gig I got through my sister and while also fun, was a little hectic since there was a serious time crunch involved and a lot of people to get through! lol.) Leah scouted out a down town alley way that had giant wood gates at one end wrapped with chains and we took two volunteer models down and spent and hour and a half, right up until we lost our light, having our own little top model show down…well, minus the catty, crazy, whiny immature-ness that you get with large groups of skinny women locked up in a house together.

My mediums of choice are graphite and acrylic but I couldn’t refuse the opportunity so when she asked I said “of course” and then ran around my kitchen with the phone in my hand doing little twirls of joy. 

My journey towards learning to properly apply professional level make-up began at, as any self taught individual in the this decade knows, youtube. I surfed every make up tutorial I could find and then subscribed to what I deemed were the three “best.” By best I mean best for what I needed which was Glamor/Editorial/High Fashion looks and tricks. Who needs cosmetology school when you have the Internet, right?

Step two was purchasing a make up kit and after scanning through the professional make up sites online such as MAC, where I begged and pleading with myself to just let my mad money budget this month be a little bigger. Ultimately I decided to stop wheedling with myself over it and purchase the best my budget could afford, so I headed to e-bay, where I bought a Manly Professional Make up kit from a very nice though engrish indoctrinated lady from Hong Kong for $20.

I would definitely have to say that knowing the color wheel well was my greatest asset. Yeah seriously, that flimsy paper stock thing they give you in grade school, Every artist should keep it and frame it because it’s the single most potent weapon in every artist arsenal whether you use paint, glaze, paper, textiles or make up as your medium. I was honestly a little nervous but, once I got my colors out I had so much fun, seriously.

Being in public made it so much better too since we did our make up on site. It wasn’t crowded by any means but getting those curious-turn-envy looks from people who came out of their offices on their way to their cars as they realized that what you were doing at that second was so much cooler then what they had spent all week doing was a level of awesome that would shame Narcissus himself. (I know, it’s self absorbed to the point that I shouldn’t brag about it but, I did. Deal with it.)

They directing part was super easy since Leah and I had plenty of time to hammer out what we wanted to do and one of the models, being also my little sister, was use to having me boss her around.

I have only seen the raw format photos so far but even they looked amazing which is no surprise since Leah is a very talented individual with an amazing eye for composition. I can hardly wait until she has cream of the crop edited and ready and as soon as I have those, I will post a sample selection here, for all one of my followers and the 4 who posted comments on my first post.  *yay I’m popular, happy dance*





  1. I'm excited for you! I can't wait to see the photos. As someone is not very creative, I love to see how creative people can be. Go for it!

  2. That sounds insanely cool! Can't wait to see pics.

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