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This is a small excerpt from a retelling I am currently working on (in the spare time I have from the other retelling of another story that I’m working on…) This section starts out with a servant girl being chased by guards, who caught her somewhere she wasn’t suppose to be. They come upon the Dukes son and Heir in middle of being caught up in spell. Emeira, the servant is trying her best to stay out of sight and out of mind behind a door. The title to it is not official, it doesn’t have one yet but for lack of anything else to call it I give you, “The Frog who was not a Prince.”

 ‘ He reached a rather brilliant shade of emerald when he began to shrink. His clothes started getting baggy and the green was still getting greener. He was half the size he was suppose to be within a minute.  The younger guard ran out screaming for help and by the time he was out of her line of vision Fenris sprouted webs between his fingers, by the time the remaining guards jaw dropped to the floor he was almost completely hidden inside his clothes and his hair was all gone.

  Emeira stuffed the hem of her sleeve in her mouth to keep from screaming as two vertical black strips appeared at the top of his now very grotesquely shaped head and then he disappeared inside his tunic.

  Emeira went limp against the wall and the guard outright fainted. For the space of a three deep frantic breaths there was silence then, the pile of clothing on the floor took on a life of it’s own as the left sleeve of Fenris’s shirt began to twitch. Emeira, who was deathly afraid of ghost, was about to start shrieking in wide eyed terror when the second guard returned with the duke, duchess, three more guards and a short, square shouldered bald man of indiscernible age. Any noise she wasn’t able to squelch was swallowed by the Dame Aslieen’s own wails of despair.

  Two of the newly arrived guards went to attend the unconscious one, carefully giving the pile of clothing a wide birth, while the other two stood just outside the door though nearly all their attention was focused inside the room. The Duke and Duchess stood gripping each others arms behind the bald man who was prodding the moving sleeve with a thin block knuckled forefinger. The guards all seemed wary and nervous as his prodding because more explorative when the sleeve gave a hefty jump as something small and green leapt out of it onto the bed. Emeira couldn’t see the Duke or Duchess’s faces but the Duke gasped and took a large step backwards, pulling his wife with him. The bald man however bent over the frog with a frown on his face. The frog resembled the river frogs very common to the area. Light green with dorsal strips beginning at the top of their heads, large eyes and very smooth shiny bodies. Normally these frogs were the length of an adult mans palm and half as wide with deep yellow or amber eyes. 

  This frog was twice again that large (Emeira would have needed both hands to hold it.)  and had dark cobalt eyes. It was croaking franticly and kept turning to face the short man as he circled the bed muttering this way and that. Finally he threw a hand in the air with and affirmative “ah ha” and pointed at the frogs left forelimb. The duchess nearly swooned at the sight. Emeira had to squint to see but finally it leaped out at her. There on the frogs shoulder was a mark slightly darker green then the surrounding skin, the signet seal of the Duke.

  Emeiras heart sank and her face began to itch as she tried to push the bog witch out of her mind. The Duke released his wife and rushed down on one knee near the edge of the bed.

“William, help him!” The short man pondered for a moment as the Duke looked on in fear and then made a few quick simple loops in the air and spoke a spell.

“CLARITY” The frog remained a frog but now instead of croaking it was talking.

“…it really is me, find that despicable woman and make her change me, oh it seems you can understand me now.” The duchess was the first to move. She ran and sat on the bed and scooped the frog into her lap.

“Fenris darling is it truly you? How has this happened?”

“Who is this woman Fenris?” demanded the Duke.

“If you knew we couldn’t understand you, why were you still talking?” asked William.

“Well what would you of done?” This was said with much narrowing of the deep blue frog eyes but Williams reply was monotone and not without sarcasm.

“Changed myself back.”

  Emeira wasn’t certain she liked the bluntness of wizards, which really was something of a legend. 

  The Duchess cleared her throat and gave both William and her Frog son a look of disdain for being ignored. William fiddled his thumbs and Fenris launched into a very detailed retelling of his encounter with the witch that afternoon finishing with a resigned. “…and now here I am.” 

  Everyones attention moved to William with an air of expectation. It took him a little too long to realize why. 

“Oh heavens give me a moment.” He lamented “there are nearly a hundred different spells you could use to turn a person into an animal not to mention any dozens of potions. Figuring this out will be dreadfully tedious and dangerous. Finding the witch would be much safer.” The Duchess moaned and Fenris did his best to comfort her. Despite that fact that being nuzzled by a frog probably isn’t very comforting, Emeira thought it was rather valiant of him considering he was the one in most trouble.

  The Duke was now on his feet again and arguing with William. Emeiras legs were cramping and she was trying to rearrange herself without being noticed (thank goodness for nobles and their absurdly large doors.) when the sound of small running feet grabbed everyones attention, followed by the protest of a heavily breathing woman. Both entered the room at nearly the same time.

  “Momma what’s happ’d?” complained the worried little voice of Nash. He came to a stop in front of his mothers knees and everyone held their breath (even the nurse who was old and obviously at the moment had no breath to hold at all) as the boy stared eye to eye with the giant frog on his mothers lap. His back was to Emeira but she heard him sniff and then saw his bottom lip quiver as he turned a sad face to his fathers and then back to the frog. “Fen-Fenri?” Then he burst into tears. Aslieen brushed a motherly hand against his face, her own eyes filling with tears.

  “Don’t worry pet, William will fix him again, it’s just a little frog spell.” Nash broke away from her to run around the bed and stare up at William with his trusting 3 year old eyes.

  “Don’t forget nothing ‘portant, will he still be taller then me?”

  Emeira wanted to choke on his naive trust and was immediately in love with the small boy. Apparently the same charm worked on the wizard and he bent down and picked the boy up.

  “Well maybe just a little shorter so you can catch up faster hmm?” Nash nodded and then the nurse, who was looking very unsure of this whole thing but wasn’t about to let Nash see it took him from the Wizard.

  “Come on Nash, we must leave William to work in peace.” This seemed good to Nash and he allowed himself to be taken out of the room. The Duke had the two guards in the room leave with the still unconscious guard on the floor carried out between them.

  Aslieen put Fenris back onto the center of the bed. This moved her out of Emeiras view but the Duke remained where he was. Fenris was the first to break the silence.

  “Well, might as well begin Will.”

  The wizard sighed and for the next hour he tried every spell he knew against animalized people. He used herbs and potions, chants and symbols but in the end he was worn out and Fenris was still looking very much like a frog. ‘

If you like it send me a note, I might, maybe, let you read all of it. 😉 If you don’t like it, feel free to go away and amuse yourself else where.


P.S. sorry for any typos, this hasn’t gone through any sort of editing to speak of yet. 


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