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After weeks of dilly dallying I finally did it. I went into my word documents, opened up a 250 page novel that I have been lovingly crafting for years and I did it. I deleted an entire character. Every scene including him was rewritten, ever microscopic allusion to him was deleted and replaced.  There wasn’t anything “wrong” with him, in fact even unfinished and unpublished the story has enough followers to have given the little guy a fan base of at least one…and there  was some minor protest to his demise but, it was for the good of the story, the greater good if you will. I have to say, it has improved the book as a whole greatly. He was just not quite what the story needed anymore, I had found better ways of connecting my plot lines, better ways of adding spark or drama as needed to the scenes he was in so, adiós! I deleted him and moved on, it’s like he was never there.

Oh, if only life was that easy. I have made plenty of choices in the past that looked and felt like the right one at the time only to have the big picture down the road point out how awful/ridiculous/plain old stupid that choice really was. I wish linear time had a browser, oh my goodness, with an edit button and perhaps even a thumb drive so I could take pieces of my life around hidden in my pocket while I took the time to mull it over. Like when I choose to have bangs for the first time in high school since grade school…yeah, can we say mullet impersonator? I wish I had time to think that one over outside the box. I never really noticed at the time but looking back on some of the pictures I’ve got lying around? Ouch, thankfully round two went better though, that had less to do with lessons learned and more to do with subconscious auto correct I think.

How great would it be if we could cut and paste? “this would be better if it had happened sooner…this part would be waaaay more convenient if I moved it a few years down the road instead…”

I would loved to have the ability to remove certain people from my life entirely, sometimes… don’t you judge me either you know exactly who popped into your own head when you read that. I wonder who would choose to make me go away hmm?

Alright, no big finish here, just food for thought.




  1. Very thought-provoking. I'd love to be able to remove certain people from my life. I know of at least one that probably feels the same about me. I think it shows a "maturing" in your writing to be able to delete a character and make the story better. Way to go!

  2. Yup. I am with ya.

  3. Gotta love it. Sure wish I could 'cut and paste' or delete a few characters from my own life!

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