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My wonderful two year old did the sweetest most disgustingly inconvenient thing last week. While in bed attempting to take his nap he needed his diaper changed. Normally when he naps he just ignores it and I don’t find out about it until I come upstairs to get him up and an unholy odor seeps under his door. That day was different, we’ve been working and making progress on the science of potty training and that day he decided he was going to do something about it himself. I’d love to say that he took off his diaper (which he is totally capable of) and sat down on the little training potty we keep in his room but alas no. He decided to do the deed as norm in his pants, then grabbed the wipes off his dresser and preceded to stick fist fulls of them into his diaper and clean himself off. Of course, as with all things, once he was done with the particular batch of wipes, he’d drop them on the floor and then grab some more. This plan was flawed and he got crap all over his hand and his little mind thought, well, poop goes in diapers and diapers it was he pulled out of his closet and used to clean his hands. 

This was of course also flawed and by the time Zak and I heard him running around in his room there was an entire box of wipes soiled and strewn about his room and about half a dozen diapers smeared and bunched amongst everything else. He was of course, also covered in filth, he’d pushed hair out of his face and rubbed his eyes with his cleaning hands. I could tell just by the look on his face when I walked in that his plan wasn’t going how he intended but, still, he did give of a tint of pride as he tried explaining to me what he was doing, as if it wasn’t evident. 

He had good motives after all he just didn’t use the tools (his voice to get us and the potty chair to preemptively contain the deed in the first place) or our previous instruction (strip and sit as it were) he didn’t even use the back up plan (cry until we come and fix it) to deal with his problem, natural as it was.

How like us right? We do the same exact thing whenever God tries to stretch us out of our comfort zone of habits. As much as we would all be content to just sit in a church pew and keep a Bible on the study shelf while we go about our lives crapping our pants in oblivion to Gods design for us He doesn’t let us. “This is a better way to live.” He tells us but, instead of heeding what he’s saying we not only fight it at first but, then we often take it and then run the opposite direction with it, only to be found later mired in trouble and covered in filth of our own making.

I can see him doing the same thing as I did with my son. Standing there a moment doing a quick triage of damages then shaking his head with a sigh.

How fortunate for us He will always pick up our outstretched hands, cleans us off and spin us round in the right direction again. How unfortunate for us we don’t have the defense of a toddlers oblivions to pretty much everything as an explanation for our behavior.

Nothing gives a body insight to the heart of God like parenting and nothing has ever had me, head in hands shaking with laughter born of mental breakdowns, saying “God, am I really this bad?” so often.

The answers yes.

Don’t laugh, it’s a yes for you too you know.



  1. Wow–what an unusual, but amazing analogy!!

  2. That is soo cute! Those little wheels are always turing! can't wait to see you guys agian!

  3. oh sick…lol… it is so weird how kids can be so smart and so… well… not smart at the same time!

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