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Lol, Okay, this is a short story I wrote for a writing assignment in high school. I’m posting it as I found it even though my inner writer wanted to cringe and fix a lot of things I found wrong with/in it. I figured it would be worth a few extra laughs “raw” though plus you get to see how awful of a writer I was as a youngin’. haha, enjoy. Also feel free to poke fun in the comments.
Infernal Machine
“The time period is the not so distant future. The place is my own home, but the battle is everywhere, I am only one telling my story.”
The wayward creation belched another column of dark, reeking smoke as it purposely malfunctioned. I, its operator huddled in the corner of the room, both hating and fearing it. Since the beginning of technology there have been those who feared that machines would one day turn against mankind and rule over the entire human race on planet earth. Their nightmares of that artificial intelligence have become a reality. 
I rue the day that I connected it to the power that now drove it. Slowly nearer I come as the pulsing red heating coils inside the smooth shinning covering continued their cruel mutilation of what was no longer recognizable as substance. It was a charred remnant testifying that this infernal machine must be destroyed! I had to disable it, and I was willing to go to any extreme to do so. I straightened my stance and breathed deeply with determination of the task I had set myself into. As I approached, the stench of burning fills my senses and stings my eyes, and past battles flash across my mind. I remember all the times this mistake of a machine had bested me, and won out, surviving in my own home despite my attempts to free myself of it.
I break from my reverie and find myself standing next to the sterilized table on which it rest. The fact that it was clean reminded me that there are those who would stop me if they found me out. The cleaning woman was one of those devoted few, and what’s more she had the power to stop me if she caught me. In a rush of now urgent desperation, I rip the wiring from the wall where it was greedily sucking power, and I take it heading for the back exit of the building.
“It snowed last night.” I thought to myself, “I will dash it onto the ice, that will be enough to damage it beyond worth of repair.” But I know I must hurry before others stopped what I was daring to do.
I reached the back exit and opened both the doors leading outside. Turning the mass of metal upside-down I watch pieces of charcoal like substances fall to the ground and melt holes into the drifted snow. I raise the cursed machine above my head, but before I can throw the hated thing to its death in front of me appear two young girls, and with them, the cleaning woman.
The two girls give me blank stared and whispered to each other as they walked past me into the building. The woman on the other hand looks at me naught at all, but I knew she was going to stop me. Many other attempts had been stopped in much the same manner.  As she walked past me the cleaning woman leaned over and whispers in my ear,
“BJ, put the toaster back in the kitchen.”


  1. Funny 🙂

  2. Hilarious!

  3. Too funny! I think that I've been tempted to do that a time or two–only no cleaning lady was there to stop me!

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