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This was my project this week (the slide show is at the bottom) a cardboard shelf! I know it is kind of underwhelming but I’m proud of it. I normally leave the putting stuff together things in our house to my engineer husband but, I decided on a whim to build this after a dumpster diving trip awhile back. I kept seeing loads of cardboard boxes behind business’ that weren’t being recycled and it made me a little mad. I’m not really a gun ho’ enviromentalist but, it did make me want to find a way to reuse the boxes we have from moving that are still stored in our garage. After a few hours browsing around on the internet for how to’s I decided this was a good start for my uninclined-to-follow-directions self.

The photos are a quick over view of me piecing it together and testing it and then adding to it. Each leg and both shelves are three single ply pieces thick. This used the top and bottom flaps of 1 box plus the top flaps of a second, a utility knife and some spray addhesive. Hurray! I have more space. (It seems like I’m always running out of space, I don’t know why but, every morning when I wake up a little bit more is missing somewhere in the house.)

Cardboard really is neat and is actually pretty tough. Check out these chairs in the link and you’ll see what I mean.


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