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Catchy yeah? It’s like Taco Johns Taco Tuesday only there are no tacos, no food additives, no artificial food coloring, disgruntled employees, pepto bismol or Tuesday involved. Also unlike Taco Johns, this taste good.

Yakisoba is a stir fry dish that has noodles made with buckwheat or more frequently now, whole wheat. I used chinese cabbage, carrots and spring onions for my veggies.

These are noodles on the far left and that’s dashi next to it.(Fish stock.) The noodles I bought at the Asian Market near our house, These cook up really fast, two minutes until they’re finished and it only takes one minute of boiling time for them to be ready to use in a stir fry.

I used flank steak for this but you can use, pork, chicken, shrimp, fish or hamburger.

I used the biggest pan I had, it would work waaaay better in an actual wok but, I don’t own one…yet. Stir fry the meat until almost done then add your carrots. After a few minutes (2-3) add the cabbage and onion.

Once the cabbage has started to cook down add your noodles and cover, letting them steam for 4-5 minutes on low heat then add yakisoba sauce (you can buy it but I made my own from dashi, seasoned vinegar, salt , sugar, soy sauce and teriyaki sauce. You can also mix honey, Worcestershire sauce and water to make this, the goal is something sweet and savory. ) about 1/4 to a 1/2 cup. Turn your heat back up and stir fry the noodles another 5 minutes and then your done!

There you have it!

I also made sesame candy to go with it. They didn’t last long.

Also here is a picture of my 2 year old mastering chop sticks. He is awesome.



  1. Looks pretty yummy to me. Wanna come make some?

  2. Awesome! I love the picture of Shade. I can use the kids chopsticks that don't come apart. Does that count?? LOL

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