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Check it out! We were on our billionth trip to the local gardening center picking up this and that when Shade spotted a hat rack and ran up to try them on. They were way to big of course but I thought that buying one for me could be a good idea since we pretty much live in our back yard on sunny days now. I bought a little 8 dollar hat, it was the only one left, the rest were in the 20 -30 dollar range and I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw the price tags. Who on earth needs a 30 dollar gardening hat? Who? What possible reasoning did you put that price tag through that made it sound like a good deal? The only way I’d shell out that much for a straw hat is if it did the weeding for me, really, and I want a lemonade with that thank you very much.
Well, rant over I guess. I went outside in my hat the day after I bought it to weed my front flower/veggie patch and spent 20 minutes outside on a street full of neighbors also in their front yards. When I came inside I saw that the price tag was still dangling from the back of the hat and that I had been in my front yard looking like an idiot for the better part of half and hour. (mmmh, ignorant humiliation, my favorite flavor of embarrassment)
I laughed so hard at myself I actually snorted, yeah, also another favorite. I think everybody should take time though to view self endowed embarrassment as one of the ways God blesses us. You got punk’d by God, how hilarious is that?


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