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Yay! I’m back after two weeks of well, being not here logically. I had many adventures, none of which involved pirates, unfortunate that, though I suppose if I’d been trying a little harder they might have. I did see Iron Man 2, which was fantabulous although still lacked any pirates. I really ought to start vacationing on the coast as my odds of having an adventure involving pirates would be much greater.
On the note of adventures I dare all of you to do one thing this weekend that you have never done before and post it back here for myself and other to read. (Next post shall be, obviously, what I did.) It can be anything really. Eating at a new restaurant and not ordering your “go to dish”, trying a new activity (rock climbing, bubble gum blowing contest, etc.) or blahblahblah. You get the idea yeah, just so long as it’s just past the edge of your “normal thing to do” map.
Fare thee well, remember, monsters be here.



  1. Good for you!

  2. I participated in my first Race for the Cure on Saturday! No, I didn't run it but walked the 5K. It was an amazing experience to be surrounded by over 50,000 people–many walking in remembrance of someone with breast cancer or in celebration of someone beating it. The survivors in the pink shirts touched my heart in many different ways–those too frail to walk either being pushed in a wheelchair or riding the Survivor Express trolley; several male breast cancer survivors; ladies of very young age pushing a stroller or holding the hand of a very young child (or both!); one survivor walking with two canes but thanking God for 10 years of cancer-free life; one survivor pushing another survivor in a wheelchair and seeing big, burly bikers bending down to give them high fives with tears in their own eyes. I was a first for me, but will definitely not be the last Race for the Cure for me! Maybe one year I'll run it!

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