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Well, not a huge response to last post but, I won’t take it personally. I do however assume that it means most of you are big wussy babies. Here’s what I did.
I ran my first 5k, while pushing my giant over sized toddler in our mammoth mall stroller (I totally get the whole jogging stroller thing now.) This was fun actually and I plan to keep running them. I would suggest everyone train for and run one at least once.
I also did another new thing though it, like so many other things about parenting, was involuntary. We went out and bought our first fruit of the loom package of little dude undies.
Why does so much of my life still revolve around poop?
Big finish- *dum dum dum*



  1. Good for you on the run!! Go on the FotL

  2. I am with you on life revolving around poop… potty talk all the time around here.

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