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Did any of you ever read the old epic story poems in school? “The Song of Hiawatha” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow during American History period, the “Iliad” by Homer, the grueling “Beowolf” or more “recently” “Dymer” by C.S. Lewis? I always loved them. A story that flows out of the mind and off the tongue as you read in a smooth concert of sound and measure. I’ve written attempted a few. Here’s a shortish one for those other book nerds out there. You know who you are.
*Spoiler : this is most definitely the most romantic soppiest girly drivel I’ve ever penned but, in my defense, it has to be or I’ll never get my sister to take the time to read it.


The sun saw her by the well
he saw her drown her sorrow
“Why” asked he, so she did tell
“For surviving tomorrow.”
“Tears as they fall are burning,
like embers from the fire.
There is no more returning,
no more can I reach higher.”
 “I drown my sorrow here now,
in hopes of becoming free
and I must manage some how
to keep it from seeking me.”
She did not believe at all
in what she had told to him.
She felt she was soon to fall,
for sorrow revived again.
In its grasp her breath did slow
and the sun wept at length
to see her light slowly go
as her dark eyes lost their strength.
The sun was without power
in the shadow of sorrow.
Behind the clouds it cowered, 
weeping for dark tomorrow.
He could not though, let it be
and now shamed that he had hid.
His chariot left empty
to her side he softly bid.
Of his heat he gave to her,
one hand held over her heart.
At last she began to stir
with a life that none could part.
Shocked to see she had been saved,
confused at starting anew.
Shy underneath the suns gaze
still, a smile gently grew.
She reached for him to hold her
but, away he sadly drew.
She could not stand his fire
now that life was in her true.
Sighing with resignation
she squared her shoulders soundly
and filled with resolution
she faced her new life proudly.
The sun watched her go forward.
His heart gave a wistful sigh.
He turned his own face homeward
after one last glance behind.



  1. Awesome!

  2. 'Tis very good. Seriously, write more poems!

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