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I had a visit from the Cranky Fairy last weekend. It had to have been a fairy because my daily activities did not line up with the crankiness. The days where everything was going so wrong…like when my son puked in the van two blocks away from my chiropractors office, then calling to say I wasn’t going to make it resulted in my chiro- who has never been a stay at home parent- telling me I needed to get my priorities in order for my back to heal, “Thank you so much for not only implying that I don’t know how to organize my life but that my son is less important then your check”. Next came a potty accident that resulted in me removing giant toddler turd from the carpet and a day long head ache from not making my chiro appt. Did I mention that the dog peed in my kitchen? Recipe for cranky right? Nope, everything rolled off my back like water on duck feathers. For real. Hubz came home asked me how my day was and I said, “Great” and I wasn’t lying.
The day that went well however, where My husband was home to help with everything, I slept like a baby all night, my hubz made breakfast and changed the one dirty diaper that my son had and everything else went how and when and where it was suppose to…that day I was cranky. Not any normal level of cranky either. I was Grizzly bear with low blood sugar poked one to many times with a low grade taser cranky. To be fair to the bear if you had the choice between me and the bear on that day you should choose the bear because fish flavored cookies will fix that sucker right up. If you’d offered me a cookie in cranky mood I’d have ripped your face off and worn it like a beanie.
In my own defense most of the cranky stayed unvocalized but, I thought it, little bits slipped out and it didn’t let me enjoy my day. How stupid is that? Don’t answer it that, unless you have a cookie.



  1. well said – can relate!!P.S. – YOU do have your priorities straight!

  2. Seems to happen to me that way as well. When in a crisis you just do what you need to do (by the way poop to that chiro) but when it comes to a good day sometimes it seems like it turns out to be the let down day and you get to feel all the cranky that you had to bury to make it through the crisis day(s).

  3. At least you recognized that you were cranky! Most of the times I don't even realize it. I'll look to see if I have a fish flavored cookie around!

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