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July is the best month of the year, it has the best weather, the best summer holiday and all sorts of awesome events in it, the most notable being MY BIRTHDAY. Nothing is better than my birthday not even Christmas because at Christmas I am required to give presents to other people but, on my birthday I get all sorts of awesome swag with no strings attached. That may sound pretentiously self absorbed (which is pretty bad since both those things mean nearly the same thing) but, I don’t care because soon it’ll be my birthday.

So to start this months first blog off I’m going to share with you something that I found to be totally hilarious.

Exhibit A: Sea weed chips. That may sound gross but, I happen to like sea weed and found these to be pretty good

Exhibit A, 2: Before this pic let me give you a cultural snap shot, Asian countries foster the idea of smaller is better in women, I know every country does this but Asian women who have these ideals hold particular stringent protocol in dieting, often to the point of making themselves ill from cutting as many calories as possible because they refuse to exercise. This is not because they are lazy but, because muscle mass is deemed undesirable. This practice is played upon a lot in advertising leading us to the sales kicker on our little bag of green, salty greenness.

For those not sure what they are seeing that is two skinny chics eating seaweed chips and one fat girl holding a bag of potato chips while weeping in envy and horror over her colleges superiority and her own disgusting lifestyle.

It’s hilarious, go Asia and all your weirdness.



  1. Birthdays can be such a good thing. I did not like the age that came with this one but other than that I really like birthdays.

  2. Very cool.

  3. awesome!!!! too funny

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