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Stay At Home Mother. SAHM, as a I say after adopting a friend’s terminology.  I do this thing though where sometimes I forget what the letters stand for. Sometimes my brain interprets the M as other things like, maniac. Sometimes all the letters get replaced, most commonly as Slightly Asinine Home Maker. The later happens when I forget why I’m at home to begin with. I’m not here on plan “A” mind you.. I would have much preferred, had I been asked at the time, to wait on getting pregnant and finished school and launched myself into the world of veterinary science that I’m still paying school loans off for. But, like the remaining 1/3 of married women my age who didn’t plan on a baby, nobody did and out came my dearly beloved child 9 months later. Back to the now, however.
I chose to be here because I want to raise my son. I wouldn’t be at home if he wasn’t here and yet I can find myself overwhelmed with business all day long with things that are not at all parental even though they may be productive. Dish washing, laundry, cooking. These are all things that I would joyfully get to do less of if  I worked outside the house and I’d get paid cold hard cash to boot. There would in fact be less of these to do over all if I wasn’t here all day making dishes dirty and spilling things on my cloths while cooking.
So if these things are not why I am at home why do I so often tell my son “just a minute”, “mommy is busy” and “Not right now baby”? Why do I allow these things to take up my time and WHY on earth do I stress about doing them if they are not why I am at home all day?
I shouldn’t. I’m not here for “them” I’m here to give piggy back rides, make crayon drawings and be there for my son in what ever way he needs me to. Yes, that include clean clothes, food and something other then the floor to eat off of, but I’m not here to be responsible for chores, I’m here to be a mommy. So, why stress over tasks not in my job description? It seems silly because it is silly and I’m not going to do it anymore. No SAHM should.
So there.



  1. Well said – You are such a great mommy!!!!!Love, Your mommy

  2. My daughter would agree completely with you! You go girl!

  3. We should have name tags and business cards.

  4. HAHA I LOVE this!! :)*Shelly*

  5. Do we get name tags?

  6. Lol. Yeah well good question. Seems like they should add more letter to that whole thing to me. Something like, SAHMDDMCAS, respectively Stay At Home Mom, Dishwasher, Driver, Maid, Chef, Accountant and Sexpot 😉 I think we should start putting that at the end of our names like Jasmine N Carlson SAHMDDMCAS or BJ Pramann SAHMDDMCAS. I mean doesn't that look so professional? Maybe someone would take us seriously, or our "job" seriously.

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