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Have you ever heard the myth that we use only 10% of our brain? Modern scientific study shows that we of course use 100% during the course of our day, but do you ever have days where it feels like you only have 10%? If you say no you are most likely a dirty liar, but I’m getting off topic. 
I am one of those people that has trouble organizing their thoughts. The stuff inside my brain is like a thousand run on, poorly punctuated, half finished sentences all trying to compete for completion at any given moment. It requires some outside help thus, I would like to introduce you to a small portion of my “external hard drive”. 
The above is a portion of how I keep my life from being a black hole of confusion. I use each of these if not daily then several times a week to keep my brain from exploding. In order they are three business notebooks, one of many sketch pads, my church/grocery list/business notebook and my dream journal. (so I don’t get confused while I sleep. hehe.) Not pictured here are: my pocket sized notebook, my daily journal, the other business journals and the half a dozen or so folders containing loose leaf papers on music, business, randomness, etc.
My life would fall apart without these. A by product of the above is an absurd horde of mechanical pencils, pens and good old fashioned wood pencils all in various states of broken that I can’t seem to throw away. Also I can’t throw out clean paper. I have notebooks in a closet that have less then 3 ( I counted ) unused sheets of paper in them that are still on active duty because they aren’t full yet. Some of them have all the used pieces torn out because the information was no longer useful, but I couldn’t bear to part with the 2 or 3 unused pages of the book.
If you ever want to see me really geek out give me 20 dollars and stick me in a back to school special isle at Target, or better yet, 50 dollars and throw me into a Staples. 


  1. I should mention, I don't use an organizer and that I reach out and randomly grab any notebook within reach when I feel i need to write something down. This frequently results in one project requiring multiple notebooks and loose leaf sheets of paper( or napkins as the case may be) to write a page worth of complete information later on. I don't want anyone under the impression that all this writing means I actually manage to stay on top of anything…just a disclaimer…ha.

  2. I have tried several times in my life to use an organizer or a notebook without any success. I've lost track of the number of times that I have tried to journal! I'm so glad that you can do it.

  3. I also have a strange obsession with notebooks.

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