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I hail originally from South Dakota. It’s one of the many rectangles in the middle of the US map. It also part of the real mid-west. I say real because the state I now live in, Ohio, also claims to be part of the mid-west. When I hear that I just shake my head and laugh. Being above Kentucky and lacking a sea scape border Ohio really isn’t so much the mid-west as it is the butt crack to the eastern sea board that peeks above the waist band of the south east. Take that however you will.
Here in Columbus Ohio you can’t drive two hours north or south without hitting a city with a major airport. In South Dakota you can start in the middle and drive for 2 – 3 hours in any direction on the interstate without hitting a town big enough for more then 1 gas station. SD has 10 Native American Reservations and even Buffalo ranches. A far cry  from the free range past of both parties, but you can’t find either of those in Ohio. Open spaces, Native Americans, buffalo ranches, SD has got it all when it comes to authentic mid-west.
I’m really not Ohio bashing, I love it here, but you have to love authentic. There is a difference, a vast difference, between being something and thinking you’re something you actually are not.
I’ll repeat that. There is a difference between being something and thinking you’re something that you actually are not.
Que the big life application…
Christians. Man, you guys get to me. You get to me in a way that only a one christian can get to another. There is such a difference between thinking and being that most people miss the boat. Let me try that without an analogy.
There is a difference between being saved under the redeeming blood of Christ and not being saved when you think you are because you were told church attendance, Bible verses and a good deed on Sundays were your golden ticket. That causes a lot of people to go to hell.
That’s not even the point I want to make here believe it or not. I want to address those of you who have already had your Christ encounter. You know the truth, you are part of the truth and sometimes you even speak the truth, but you are not free in that truth. Free the way God intended, free under the Holy Spirit’s guidance and next to Christ as heirs to everything of God that we do not have the senses on earth to comprehend.
There is such thing as the supernatural. All the things that the Bible can prepare you for, but can’t do for you. A friend recently said to me “All the Bible is in God, but not all of God is in the Bible.” She is so right. If everything of God were contained in scripture, if we had the capacity to read from Genesis through Revelation and know everything of God then God would surely not be enough to save us.  Don’t get your panties in bunch on me yet.
The Bible is knowledge of the truth. My pastor is doing a series on Colossians and the question has been posed as such. ” When has knowing a rule ever stopped you from breaking it? ” Think that over and be honest and the answer is “never”
Knowledge is an amazing start, you need it to learn, to gauge yourself, to direct yourself and your actions wisely, but it’s not enough to really experience God. Experience is so necessary. To go out and to taste, touch, see and treat humanity with God’s eyes and the knowledge that the Bible gives you. Do that and you will taste, touch, see and be witness to God’s infinite, passionate, supernatural love and power. Stay at home and memorize Bible verses and all you get is words. Believe that there is power in Christ name just as the Bible tells you there is. Act on it and you will experience the signs and wonders of God. Don’t be scared. Be authentic.



  1. 🙂 Come put up a quest blog on the FS wikia!

  2. Preach it girl!

  3. Thanks for being genuine and authentic, BJ! I pray that you have a safe trip and a wonderful ministry festival over Labor Day weekend. I'll miss you but know that you are where God wants you to be and will definitely use you!

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