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Most of you who read this will be familiar with the term “new mother.” I’ve not heard it in awhile since my son turned 3 last week, most people consider him too old for me to be “new” at it. Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous? I do fall into the habit of thinking I’ve got it all under my belt since my son is pretty easy going and very habit driven. It makes most days seem easy. Then there are days like the last few, where my three year old little boy has for some reason been crushing a little girls at Sunday school and the gym day care. Every time we pass either building he starts shrieking “TURN AROUND! I WANT TO SEE LITTLE GIRLS!” I ask why and he’s says “Because little girls are cute and I’m gonna’ kiss ’em.” What exactly do you say to that? Isn’t three a little young for this nonsense? It is, of course, just little boy nonsense but, I wasn’t expecting it and it’s one of many things that are new going on in the house with our little dude. It dawned on me today that ‘this is a new thing, I’ve never dealt with preschool crushes before.’ My brain took it immediately to the extreme and I realized, not for the first but, perhaps for the clearest time, that everyday for the rest of my life is going to a new thing. It doesn’t even end when he leaves home, because every new thing he does, marriage, kids, moving away to a job, is still going to be new for me too. I don’t know how my or my husband’s or any parent ever does this without going crazy.
Some how going through it with child number one doesn’t seem like it would really make child number two ‘easier’ either. “New” indeed, we should start calling them space cadets instead. One day you might be a space captain, but you’re still going “where you have never gone before.”



  1. Well said!!

  2. I am so with you.

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