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Finances. We’re exploring this in our lifestyle right now. It’s amazing how different thought processes affect the way you approach a situation. As a SAHM I’ve adapted to working with what I’ve got to get what I need, my husband, as an engineer is adapted to getting what he wants and working it into what he needs. This causes some tension between us at times. I write out a menu every week of our meals and buy our groceries accordingly each weekend. This has allowed us to save a ton of money on our grocery bill since we are no longer just buying things we may or may not use in one big monthly haul. It helps me help myself and my family eat healthier too, bonus. Because I usually have a set amount of ingredients when I bake for fun or events I use what I have. When my husband gets in a baking mood, which actually does happen and is great, he goes out and buys whatever it is he need for what he feels like making. The down side to this is it effects our weekly grocery budget and that makes me frustrated. Not having a paying job (at the moment) my contribution to our financing planning is making sure we aren’t wasting money by spending it on things we don’t actually need: a penny saved is penny earned and all that.  We are doing our best to met in the middle without making each other frustrated. (and for my next trick…=p) Going over our budget and decided what things we really need to be spending money on and what we don’t especially with holiday spending around the corner and the travel expense that come with living a thousand miles away from the nearest Christmas family gathering can be a huge tug of war between not only two people but personally between what you know you need and what you just really really really like having. To netfilx or not to netflix, that is the question. That and exactly how much time do I want to spend cutting coupons this weekend? How many more repairs can I make to this pair of pants? Do I really feel lead to contribute to the parking lot repair fund at church or can I get away with just drinking less coffee from our church hospitality table before service and say it counts as a contribution? Is November to late in the year for a garage sale?



  1. Great perspectives. Good questions to be considering! God is helping you to grow through it.

  2. Gotta love it…

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