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The Daughters of America are two sisters:

Thin and those told to be thinner.

Less is more should not be so broadly applied.

No, not to so many faces, identities and lives.

American Daughters full of happy lies and happy meals from happy places.

You fill us up then shake your hand in our faces,

Convincing us our curves our not our shape, but our failures.

Our bodies not a miracle of design and survival,

Only a value system based on jean size zero.

Zero -0- It’s not even a number it’s a place holder.

And so the Daughters of the USA became only a place for clothes,

But from hip to breast be warned nothing better show,

Save that fat you bought from a store called “Surgeons of Plastic”

It’s so fantastic, Daughters so thin their pumping the fat back in.

It’s a multi-billion dollar a year winnin’ “optional correction” service.

What does that even mean? “Optional Correction” Are you kidding me?

No, it’s called enhancement, but you wouldn’t need it if you hadn’t lost it.

Jenny Craig took it and she called you beautiful for money.

American Daughters who are taught to reject their own beauty.

Every day a battle to be less then who they were born to be.

Injecting black plague under their skin so they can look worry free.

No. No, no, no. No.

Daughters, oh Daughters who will not eat without predigestion ejection guidance,

Readily swallow so many lies and so much poison, so many very merry pearls of social acceptance.

Calorie counting is a multi-billion dollar business.

Swallow this pill to achieve fitness.

No, why can’t you hear this word? No.

Daughters, oh Daughters throwing up their graves,

Why are the Euro, African and South American children of America idolizing the waist line of a 5″3 Asian model toddling in 5 inch heels?

Why are the Daughters of Diversity sold plus sizes by a 5″10 size 8 European who smokes instead of eating meals?

No, just, no.

Why are computers making cartoons of pictures to kiss lies over the eyes of our Daughters, Sisters and Mothers?

So much fake even the industry models are saying,

“That is not me and it never will be.”

Why can’t we simply say it? 

One day our Daughters lives may be saved by it.


Hear me Daughters of America.



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  1. Right on.

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