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Those of you who are also my facebook friends probably know I’m participating in Nation Novel Writing Month. My nanowrimo novel is about 4 days away from completion and the following is an a small piece of the action. The project will get a bit of editing over the following months when I’m not working on my other novel. (and that one isn’t even the one that I posted a taste of last year here.) Yes, I have a lot of writing on my plate. That’s why Catalyst, is being toyed with in my brain as an online graphic novel project. Becuase there isn’t enough to do in my day. *rolls eyes* I love reading comics and yes comics and graphic novels really are the same thing, just not for the same age group. Deal with it. The point of nanowrimo is creativity unhampered by editing so please forgive me if any of this reads awkwardly or is not written correctly. I’ll get to it. Some day.

Olivia sat in her desk. The inauguration was a week away and already seemed like a distant memory. She leaned back in the desk chair and looked around the oval office. It was every bit as imposing in person as it seemed on tv and in the movies. She checked the clock. 3 am. There was no doubt in her mind that she would never sleep again. With a sigh that threatened to force every last atom of air out of her body she relaxed and closed her eyes; leaning back even further in the chair. She would need to replace it with something less comfortable if she hoped to really get any late night work done.

She had a 5 am meeting with Vice President Doyle. He had been Thoren’s Vice President in his first election and had agreed to come out of retirement to fill in the void that her unfortunate promotion made. 3:01 the clock read now. That wasn’t even enough time to think about going to bed. To be honest she was thinking about rescheduling it. He hadn’t mentioned what it was about, but it could wait a few weeks. President Thoren’s assassination was still thick in the news and probably would stay that way for most of the year. Actually it would most likely take the rest of the term to really be put behind them, until the next election, then it would drug out and wrung like a sponge all over again.

A knock on the door woke her up. She glanced at the clock and groaned inwardly at its proclamation that it was indeed 4:50 am.

“Come in.” she said, patting down her hair into what she hoped looked like she hadn’t slept in a chair. Doyle stepped in.

“Sorry to interrupt…You’ve been here all night haven’t you?” She stood and smiled knowingly.

“Is it that obvious or are you just that good?” Doyle smiled back and laughed.

“I’m going to go ahead and claim to be that good so we start of the day on a good foot for both of us. The next hour is going to complicate your life enough as it is.” She came around the front of the desk and leaned against it. Doyle sounded like he meant it.

“Okay, so what is this about anyway?” She asked, wanting to get down to business so she could get breakfast and the coffee that would allow her to pretend to be ready for her day.

“There is one detail that you need to updated on concerning a world organization the United States government has been calling Item Black.” She crossed her arms and tilted her head ever so slightly to the right, a sign Doyle took as a question. “I know you’ve not been briefed on it yet nor even heard of it. Only the President and a select number of Item Black magistrates…”
“Magistrates?” She asked incredulously.

“Yes, not our term, Item Black’s company head if you will, calls them that. This group of men call themselves the Inner Shield. We’ll get to them later, you’ll be meeting them next week some time after a sun up, which means you’ll get more sleep. Today I would like to meet the Item Black corporate head “Edrick Wright”

She didn’t hear the door open and was positive that Doyle had entered alone, but as soon as Doyle introduced him a tall dark haired man wearing varying shades of gray stepped out of the shadows behind Doyle’s right shoulder. Her breathe sucked in with surprise which she curtailed as fast as it happened, stepping forward to shake his hand with a firm hand grip. His voice sounded mysteriously familiar.

“Good morning Madam President, thank you for taking the time to meet me. Please allow me to offer my condolences to you and your country over Former President Thoren’s untimely and tragic death.”

 There is something off about this man. She thought, drawing her hand out of his grasp and crossing her arms again.

“Good morning and thank you for your empathy. Now what is this Item Black Doyle is talking about.” Edrick smiled and in the corners of his slightly parted lips she swore she saw fangs glinting in the meager light of her desk lamp.  


Edrick left the White House directly after his meeting with President Bryne feeling a bit sorry for her. A week into her Presidency and springing the Turned Ones existence on her was a bit brash, normally the previous President would have handled this for him while getting her up to speed on all the other politically events but, circumstances certainly hadn’t allowed that in this case. It was necessary though, a world wide clan of what the world called vampires could not stay secret on its own. Every government’s head official had to know of their existence. It’s how Edrick kept the turned ones protected and the human community safe. She really had handled it better then some of her predecessors had, most really. There had been more then one who had tried to stake him with what ever item they had available to them at the time. Monroe had smashed a 100 year old cherry wood cabinet in order the stake him with a hefty splinter though he had failed. Theodore Roosevelt tried it too and had actually succeeded. The man cursed up a storm when it didn’t achieve anything other then ruining of his favorite pen and giving him a mild sprain in his wrist.

It was surly the work of Jehovah that his peoples salvation was the adopted daughter of the President Bryne. With Bryne now up to speed she would want, both as a human and as President for Aubry to cooperate with Edrick’s goals. With the serum he could make synthesis from Aubry’s DNA he could cure the blood lust of the turned. It would be an entire new era of World history if the shadow could be pulled back and his family returned from the curse that had its choke hold on them since very nearly the dawn of time.



  1. Thanks! This was the only part I could decide on because the rest was much more…unedited-y-

  2. Whoa, Cool! You are a fantastic writer!

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