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Mind bullets. I’m pretty sure that is what keeps my computer going now. The threat there of really. I’m a pretty good shot. Mind bullets and a thumb drive installed with Linux that every function of our laptop is running through because without this the lap top is a blank screen with the sound track of whirring computer components trying very hard to do…something and achieving nothing. So far this is working though. I’d just shift all my daily use to the desk top but, that hasn’t been running for nearly a month. Even pre-failure my lap top wasn’t the greatest thing ever – the enter button likes to pop off, it has horrible video and speaker capabilities, the space bar, comma, “a”, backspace and tab buttons work if you push the hard enough once or moderately twice. Having adapted to these things my skills on a working keyboard is…shall we use the word hilarious?

That is considered the extinct American solution, to adapt that is. The new American solution to this problem is to throw the old computers out and to buy nice, new, shiny ones. Shiny would be nice. Functional would be nice. I have a devote husband who is able to give extended life to my lap top through the computer version of an iron lung. I’ll take it. I’m not sure how long this mode of operations will last and that worries me a little being a would be author who is trying desperately to get her first book through the editing (and second editing and re-editing) process so that maybe, perhaps, with the hand of almighty God and a few minor deities (rubs lucky wooden turtle on the book case named Buddha) the final manuscript will get accepted by a publisher and this SAHM can get a little badge for her coat lapel that reads “Boo-yah” (Because Author would just inevitably get mispronounced Arther and it would make even less sense, I’ve thought this through, just trust me.)

So, in the end I’m trusting the resources that God gave me: my hubz skills (which he learns through the wonders of the internetz), my mind bullets (which I learned through the wonder that is scientific process [if you can’t prove it wasn’t mind bullets that achieved x then you can’t disprove that it was, ha.]) and waiting for the world to give me a new(er) computer. That last bit might sound a bit self entitled but, I’ve found that the adage “all good things come to those who wait” to be more true than you could possibly imagine. Also when you have no money for extras what can you do really? Blog I guess.


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  1. That's about right.

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