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UHG! Sometimes blogging is a pain in the butt. Yesterday I got online and labeled this post “Bees”. I don’t know why, I have nothing interesting to say about bees. I use to be able to rant about bees at the drop of a hat but now they are all dieing and that makes me feel bad if I say mean things about them. Life isn’t fair.

I stared at the stupid computer screen trying to think of something awesome but only succeeded in thinking about how much my face hurts from my cold that may or may not be a sinus infection. It hurts. I hate intra-structural face pain. *ARGH!* I left the computer sitting on my coffee table and went upstairs to get more sudafed but forgot why the heck I went upstairs in the first place and wandered into my study. I found origami paper, not just any paper either, this is paper I bought in high school (7 years ago) that was stuck inside an origami book I found last summer in my closet. I don’t know how the paper found its way to the desk. All I know is that last night in that moment I thought it would be fun to make a lamp out of paper stars and cranes.

I’ve never made a lamp, I don’t know what parts would be needed to build a lamp but I sat down on a backless chair (it was a chair, now it’s a stool on wheels with an ergonomic butt scooping on it.) and started cutting paper into little strips and making 3-D paper stars smaller then the keys on the keyboard I’m typing on. It was the best idea ever. I was going to make a million stars and make a friggin’ chandelier out of them, and each glorious bulb star bundle was going to have a paper crane hanging from it.

The thing about me and being diseased is that I could have H1N1 that was cultured in the feces of an Ebola monkey with aids and instead of going to the doctor I would sit around the house letting delirium convince me I am a genius at 8 different things. I would then die in a pool of my own drool certain I will be a millionaire within months as a result of said 8 genius induced accomplishments.

I don’t even know where I would hang a paper chandelier, half of the rooms in our house aren’t even wired for ceiling lights. I counted my stars today. 48. 999,952 to go until I achieve paper chandelier mogul bliss.



  1. haha I love it! I guess that's what you have to do to get you're mind off being sick, although I would probably just blow my money and go to the doctor.Get better soon sis!

  2. crazy, funny, awesome girl! 🙂

  3. You are nuts.

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