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We have been trying new things here at our house. My new thing was sending in a manuscript to Tate Publishing. The next new thing was going directly into paranoia mode over having sent it. Nightmares about improper commas, then-s where than-s should be and the general unease that comes with fantasy writing.

“Oh! You’re a writer!”

“Why yes I am.”

“I have a friend that published a biography of her mother who gave orphans birthday presents and started an awareness program for cancer. What sort of things do you write about?”

“Uhm…you know, stories?”

“Oh, like children’s stories? Children are so important for our future!”

“No, stories for grown ups.”

“Of course, inspirational things then?”

“No, I write about, uh, magic and um, like elves.”

*Blank stare*

I’ve actually practiced explaining what exactly my book is in the mirror, like it’ll help me be prepared the next time.

“I use magic and fantasy worlds to manifest the way human interaction and choice can influence the tides of social change and individual destiny. I also do my best to work in my personal world views and religious view into the system, I think it’s important to unite individual belief and story telling in all of its facets.” Haha! This time I’ll be ready, just you wait, random conversation that may or may not be part of my immediate future!

Three Days Later:

“So what do you write about?”

“Uh…magic as a parallel of like, um, individual influence and, and stuff. I like elves.”


My son choose not taking a nap as his new thing. Man, I wish I had thought of that first.



  1. Funny post. I hate explaining my writing too. Some people just won't get it.

  2. Hey, congratulations on sending it in! That's awesome!

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