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I asked my husband a dangerous question the other day.
“Do you like the way I cook?” Granted I knew before I asked it that it sounded like a trap, that he would consider it a trap and lo, as his eyes filled with suspicion and anxiety he answered.
“What?” Nice stall hun, going the deaf route.
“I mean, do you like the food I cook and the way I cook it.” I could see the wheels turning in his head trying to figure out why I was asking it and what I was getting at by doing it. I laughed at him. He finally answered.
“I do like it, you’re a good cook. Sometimes though you make strange things.” I was expecting about that. I know he likes my cooking, but my hubs is a simple food guy and a picky vegetable eater to boot. No one in my immediate family is vegetarian, vegan or otherwise, lactose intolerant nor require a gluten free diet. I enjoy cooking these types of meals though, every so often, once every week or two tops. Most because it’s fun, because I believe there is more then one way to eat and because I enjoy the challenge of new things.
The reason I choose to bring the subject up at all was the face he made a few days prior when we had friends over for dinner and I served up home made pizza’s. I made a meat pizza with a tomato sauce for one. Pretty basic, most people love it. I made a white bean and kale pizza with zucchini sauce for the other. Hubs did not approve. I could see it in his eyes when he came home from work.
“We’re serving people that?” His face seemed to say. Like it was one thing to make my family eat it but to serve it to guest? I was breaking some sort of unspoken rule.
“I made a sausage and hamburger pizza too. Relax.” Said I in response to his silent panic. He tried and sorta’ mostly failed. As far as I know it was a hit, our guest ate it, claimed to like it and best of all, no one died. Not even hubs who cut the smallest possible sliver of it to try. *rolls eyes* He’s such a child sometimes. He told me later that it was awful. He didn’t like it. No surprise. *sigh* There isn’t anything directly wrong with not being an adventurous foodie. My hubs simply subscribes to the thinking that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it aka spaghetti taste good as spaghetti why are you making meat balls out of beans, oatmeal and half the contents of our spice shelf?

BECAUSE I CAN’T HELP MYSELF! Really I can’t. I was thinking so just this morning when I walked into the kitchen to make zucchini bread and finding that I have no zucchini, eggs, butter, parmesan and half the other ingredients my recipe called for decided to make a wheat and white bean sweet loaf with a water and soda egg substitute instead. It taste so good. Only now I have no idea how to recreate it since I did it on the fly and didn’t bother to measure anything let alone write it down. Still, there is no doubt in my mind that if I open my mouth to tell hubs what is in it after he eats half the loaf he’ll find something wrong with it and not eat another bite. Just like with the acorn squash fries, the sweet potato focaccia and the eggplant lasagna. I married a carnivorous man-child. I love him, but still…man child.



  1. Love it!

  2. Haha, I love it! Oh, the joys of marriage 🙂

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