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Let me elaborate upon the title above by stating that not all things should have a flavor. Nothing should, in fact, ever, ever, have the flavor that my Tuesday had. Ever. There are lots of smells I don’t like. Feet, skunks, rotting squid. These things are unfortunately odored. All of them smell better then the miasma of awful that was emitted from my cats litter box. The only thing I could think of that he might have eaten to create such a smell was the rotting carcass of footed skunk tailed squid. One that had died of squid leprosy. Removing the litter to the garage garbage can did not help. Shade and I spent the day upstairs but it wasn’t long until the stench migrated out of the lower level. It stunk so bad that while I was stretching canvas over a frame my staple gun stopped working. A nose-less non-sentient object died over the strength of the awful floating around our house.


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