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Those of you who check up on my facebook will already be in the know about my latest endeavor; finding a publisher for my book “Choosing Thorns.” This past weekend I traveled the unbelievable high of having a publishing agency like my book enough to send me a contract to publish. This was a shock of sorts since it was my first dive into the uncharted publishing waters. Unfortunately it was followed a few days later with the bummer of discovering that the contract wasn’t a good fit for me or my book. One thing I never saw myself doing this early in the game was drafting a refusal letter to the only publishing agency that knows my name.

Today has been spent working on a book proposal to send out to literary agencies. I keep trying not to think how much this feels like a school writing assignment and trying even harder not to think about how the formatting that is coming rather easily to me is the result of my teachers, high school and college, because every time I do it makes them right and me wrong for each time I rolled my eyes in their class(es). I don’t mind others being right, I just really hate being wrong. I’ve never been so thankful for bloggers like Chip MacGregor and Rachelle Gardner who share their advice and experiences to help first time authors like me navigate into the realm of querying agents.

I feel antsy one minute and calm the next. I have no doubt the next few weeks and the networking I’m going to be delving into will grow me as a writer and a person. *Raises stainless steel water bottle* Here’s to you, future.


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