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There is nothing so wonderful as the smell of gasoline bright an early on Saturday morning. It’s nostalgic I think. My spring time memories are full of tractors, mowers, trucks moving hay. Don’t get me wrong of course. I’m a HUGE fan of the sleeping in until noon on Saturdays club, but gasoline, mixed with sunshine, will beat that just about every time. The gardening has been a nice break from all the time I’ve spent at my computer lately while working on getting an agency to represent my book. I have a reprieve for the next few weeks while I wait for a response from agency number 2.

I have to admit that the time outside has been made a sweeter by the groans of jealousy from my gardening friends who live further north than I do. Not that I’m reveling in it, okay maybe a little, but I do feel lucky! We doubled the size of our garden this year and tripled the size of the strawberry bed. (My son checks the transplants every day for strawberries, he is refusing to believe me when I tell him June is the earliest he’s going to see anything.) I’m one part trepidation at the work it’ll take, last years smaller plots kept me plenty busy, but mostly I’m excited about all the new things we’re adding! Purple carrots and blue potatoes anyone?


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  1. Fun! I love fun colored veggies. And I am jealous that you are already planting a garden. I am so ready to move….

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