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I realized something while stirring a pot of pinto beans last night. I like my food on a spoon. It’s a realization that came to me oh so clearly in light of it being the day before the last day before payday. You know that day, you’re out of eggs, flour, cereal, everything but canned tomato paste, a funny smelling carrot you’re not sure is worth the effort and shelves full of condiments that would be very helpful if you only had anything to put them on. The fight between needing to feed everybody and not put anything more this month on a credit card is in full gear and it creates some stress, for me at least. I like the creative freedom and security of a fully stocked kitchen. I LOVE organic driven cooking with 4 star restaurant plating. I’m a visual person and like most people, I like to eat. They go well together. The Japanese adage is that we eat with our eyes and I agree whole heartedly.
This mode of thought though does not lend itself well to beans, rice, wilted veggies and canned fruit. It was making me frustrated over our tight budget and then it happened. There I was in the kitchen staring down at the bubbling pot on my stove while grimly finding our dinner menu regrettable and wishing for half a dozen snazzy ingredients I didn’t have when a small quite voice whispered into my ear out of the pinto bean flavored steam, “Food on a spoon.” I realized, ridiculously to my own surprise, that was how I liked food best. Just on a spoon. Food doesn’t have to be pretty to be nutritious. It doesn’t have to be made with 8 different spices and herbs to be perfectly delicious and it most certainly CAN be pinto beans and rice, even for the second time in a week.

It was a very relaxing moment of self awareness. It’s carried over pleasantly into today which will boast more rice and beans. Tomorrow is payday so it will turn into a whirlwind of grocery shopping but, today it’s food, on a spoon.


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  1. Right on 🙂 That and a side of good coffee ;-P

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