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In a world with a global model constantly rushing towards a completely cash free future it’s pretty hard to imagine the barter system, where goods and services are traded for other goods and services, as having a place anywhere in modern society. This seemingly hard truth is very depressing. Thankfully, it’s also only as true as you make it. Fortune 500 companies have been using barter systems with other business’s for years and there are small business barter models all over the US and Europe that are growing faster than ever before. There is no reason what so ever that it can’t be used on person to person basis either. Craigslist users sometimes utilize the barter system and is a fantastic site for online trade.
It’s a good system, you do have to be careful though, because the good old government wants it’s cut, you can check that out here . Basically if you have 100 or less barter agreements in any given year it’s your business, more than that and it becomes the IRS’s business too.
Granted, you aren’t going to walk into a JCPenny or a Walmart any time soon expecting to get your goods for three pretty beads and a crate of hens (mores the pity I say) but, with some ingenuity the sky is the limit and you don’t need to use a website or service to find good trades for your personal skillz to get what you need. I trade music lessons, piano and guitar, for child care hours. The arrangements started because a friend at church noticed on facebook that I play guitar and piano. She asked if I gave lessons and then she told a friend about me…The childless time is going to be devoted to my writing (three weeks and counting since I contacted the literary agency, 1-3 still to go until return contact.!*fingers crossed*) and has been sorely needed let me tell you! It’s not the only barter deal I’ve made either. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for about a year now and last summer when I started bringing garden fresh tomatoes, herbs and cucumbers to his office he started giving me extra adjustments free of charge. You never know what giving can get you!



  1. I do a lot of paying in baked goods for babysitting here in Columbus. I may have a painting gig that will get me a free photography sitting for family photos too. Usually the moment you open yourself up to a new thing, opportunity will find you.

  2. Bartering is good. I really like "date night" switching… I watch someone's kids one night so they can go on a date, then they watch my daughter another night so I can go out w/ my hubby 🙂 My friend has been trading knitted items (like baby hats) for photography services from a friend of hers. In a way, I'm bartering w/ the magazine I write for. I get a "free" ad in the magazine for my business for being a contributing writer. It's not something I think to do very often. I need to start finding ways to barter! Hmmm….*think think think*

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