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Whew! Home again home again, finally, after 3 weeks in SD and MN visiting family. I came home to an amazing splurge of growth in my backyard…that and water…lots of water. I can’t be helped I suppose. Here’s a collection of pictures I took this morning. I couldn’t resist.
Here is my 3 years old little man playing in the marsh that is the yard. The A frame behind him is where we are going to grow cucumbers upside down from once the seedlyings on my windowsill are ready to be moved.

I don’t know what kind of tree this purple one is, but I love it (If you know leave it in the comments!) It’s twice as nice next to the over grown Lilac.
A close up of one of hundreds of carrots in my garden…and weeds, can’t forget the weeds.

One of my two run away rhubarb plants. It’s trying it’s best to overwhelm the June and Ever bearing strawberries next to it. behind them you can see the grass/mulch that’s protecting my tomato and pepper plants.

This is the trunk of that purple tree. All the little plants under it are wild strawberries. The bramble on the left side is the right most edge of black raspberries that live between the tree and the lilac bush.

Meet my cat. He’s being a grumpy pants and hanging out next to my chive plants. One day I will be able to make him realize that I don’t control the weather and I can’t help it when the ground is wet.


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  1. Holy cow – your garden looks amazing. I can't wait to come visit and you can feed me all those delectable foods! ;)I love the purple tree too!!

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