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Sorry about the off kilter picture. I posted the beginning of this sketch about a month back so, I thought I should probably post the finished result. It took awhile becaus a certain husband in this house of mine lost the camera. I’ve been sketching a lot lately, mostly because it’s too hot to do most other things.

May is doing it’s best to go out with a bang. Considering the weekend, and into June, has been/is in the 90 plus degrees range we’re actually 1/5 of the way to spontaneous combustion. (491 for your average sheet of paper – The More You Know *Rainbow Star*)
I ordered a half dozen or so of my own book off of to give to family today. By the time they arrive I’ll be sending off more queries to literary agencies across the good old US of A hoping to high heaven that somebody takes pity on me and tosses me a bone. I’ve been designing book marks lately while I decompress my brain from the new novel I’m working on. I’ll add some pics in my next post if their finished. Sometimes writing can be monotonous but, right now there’s a screaming princess about to be eaten by a cranky dragon (don’t worry, she so deserves it) so my afternoon will mostly revolve around productively enjoying where I’m at in my writing today.
That’s all she wrote folks.

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