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Look at my wonderful tomato plants! The endless parade of weed pulling, mulching and pruning is starting to pay off. In fact, check out how big these suckers are!

This is me next to one of my tomato plants, no I’m not slouching, yes these babies are 5 feet tall.

Some of the pretty purple flowers on our potato plants. I never knew potatoes even made flowers. Weird.

Here’s my little dude standing in between the coriander(cilantro) and dill. He’s actually standing in a little below them. These things are around 4 feet and yes, the coriander has a stake next to it, it keeps falling over and trying to squish the the herbs around it. I might have to stake the dill too, it doesn’t want to stand up either. Aparently both these guys are suppose to be planted next to a wind break of some sort. Oh well, live and learn.



  1. Nice looking tomatoes!

  2. Holy mackerel! Your garden frightens me! (And yet, enthralls me at the same time.) lol.

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