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Foodie Post for the 4th!

What goes better with good old American summer celebration then fruity ice tea? Nothing, that’s what. That delicious looking drink modeled by my son, who can’t make a natural face in front of a camera to save his live, is Strawberry Ice Tea with Lime. No, it’s not as good as it looks, it’s so much better.

Ingredients are as follows (as apposed to not?) :

Loose leaf black tea, 2 tablespoons will make 8-10 8 oz cups

(You can use bagged tea, 10 bags will do it, but it won’t taste as good)

Two cups of fresh or frozen strawberries, pureed in a blender

Sugar, 1/4 cup or to taste

Lemon juice, about 1/4 cup

Limes, one or two regular, I happened to have key limes on hand at the time so that’s what is in the picture.

A tea strainer will be needed if you’re using loose leaf tea.

Brew the tea, according to your package directions or bring water to a boil, let sit until the boil stops then pour over your loose tea or the tea bags. I used a water boiler and brewed mine in two batches in a  4 cup pyrex bowl.(The leaves will be good for at least 3 steepings)

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap so the tea brews hot for about an hour.

Strain into a pitcher and add sugar and lemon juice

Strain the seeds out of your pureed strawberries, add to the pitcher. Stir and set it in the fridge until cool or pour directly into a cup over ice and lime slices.

What is your favorite 4th of July treat?

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