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Happy Friday one and all!

There’s a lot of things on my mind at the moment. I’m choosing paint colors for the kitchen, can we say yellow? I think we can, but more importantely I want to be able to say “finished” so I can move on to the next decor project, the master bed room! These photo’s at Laini Taylor’s blog have me jumping up and down in creative excitement!

This mobile from etsy has my pregger’s sister in a creative tissy, so I’m going to be making her a custom (Read – not $58 dollars plus shipping) one of a kind one myself, which I will most certainly make a post on for all of you.

In the world of news I’ve been following my old friend Tufty who’s part of the NASA tweet up. History made today, but in a sad way. The thought that something as significant as the end of the US space shuttle program is pretty huge, even if you happen to hate outer space, which I don’t, so it’s all the sadder.

Yesterday I finished writing my submission for The Memory Eater, check it out here, very awesome.

I’ve been focusing a lot of my time working on my novel “Choosing Thorns.” I was given some wonderful pointers, advice and cue’s from Steph of Alla Breve Books. I’m looking forward to having an improved manuscript to present for my next round of agent querying. All you writers who have interest in self publishing and/or platform building for attracting the eye of traditional publishing should most definitely check them out.

I think that’s about all for today.

What’s floating your creative boat lately?


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