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For who it may concern, and as far as I’m concerned that should be everyone, My birthday is coming up. I’m saving up for a graphics tablet, we’ll have to wait and see if that comes to past. The one above is a few hundred (and by a few I mean about $900) dollars out of my price range but, oh so pretty to look at. Any way here’s the artsy thing I’m into lately.

Hand painted walls. This wall belongs to my old college room mate. She owns all the other walls in the house too and if I’d had the time I’d of plastered a whole forest of silver barked bronze berried trees in it. For those of you interested in this, The total paint time was about 45 minutes. Paint and brushes cost, hm, somewhere around 12 dollars if memory serves me.
I’m going to be doing an ever classic cherry tree on my yet to be born nieces nursery wall for my sister. I’ve been doing a bunch of painting in my own house too, but mostly just the slapping samples up on the wall sort. I’m still not settled on a yellow for the kitchen. We’ll get there, eventually, maybe even tomorrow.

I’m available for custom murals if any of you c-bus readers are in the market…this is in no small part because of that tablet, so get me quick since the second that tablet is in my hands I’m going to be ignoring the real world for a few months.


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