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The hubz and I saw “Captain America: The First Avenger” last night. Have to say the story line, acting and character development was all heaps above what we got with “Thor”. (Which I still liked.) I was so disappointed with the CGI on all of his running and most of the other action scenes. Soldier boy version of Gumby.  My favorite part of the entire movie though? The trailer at the end, which shows a whole second (or nearly) of HawkEye. I freaked out and girly screamed in the theater when I saw him in “Thor” and am ecstatic that he’ll be in “The Avengers” film. I was an archer in high school, went to state competitions and actual shot my own Robin Hood style arrow into an arrow once, so I’m pretty partial to the Robin Hood type in general. Can’t wait for this movie. Seriously.

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