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Behold! The great purple potato! Actually they’re blue, or they are suppose to be blue because the picture on the bag they came in showed an actual blue color to the potatoes. Maybe the person who named that owned a broken color wheel. All I know is that these little guys taste great and are three of a few hundred little tubers growing in our garden.
Even the insides are purple, how great is that? Before I saw these at our gardening center this spring I didn’t even know they existed. It hasn’t been the end of my potato schooling this year though.
  Here’s something I learned about just in these last few weeks. Meet the potato berry. Also, meet my dog, Cobalt. She wants to eat these and I couldn’t get a shot of them without her in it. Despite her best guess these are actually quite toxic, but they do hold the potato seeds. You plant them, then dig up the small tubers they produce to plant several potato plants for eating. Instead of the cloning that you get from buying potato seedlings in a store these are actually a new plant since they result from pollination. 

They are actually constructed like a tomato, all juicy with hundreds of little seeds on the inside. (Potatoes and tomatoes are from the same family, and actually you can graft tomato plants onto potato roots so that tomatoes grow up top and potatoes grow on the bottom. It actually helps both plants out because it confuses their natural bug predators. Click here for picture and to read how to do it.
These berries are a cross of the blue (totally purple) potatoes above and their Idaho potato neighbors. We are going to plant them next year instead of buying seedlings from a garden center. 
One thing that’s been weirding me out a little is how in three years I’ve gone from not knowing how to garden to breeding our own potato strain. Seriously, for me, that’s really weird.

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  1. They look great 🙂

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