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Hello internet buddies. Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for South Dakota for a month long visit home. I most likely won’t be posting twice a week while I’m there, but I will have great content for you to read. Some of the things I’ll be doing, and thus posting about :

Fine Art photo shoots with the talented and AMAZING Leah Schoeneman of My Intricate Heart Photography
I’ll be working as both a make up artist and creative director and will be sure to snag permission to post some raws here for you all!

I’m working at the INCREDIBLE LifeLight Festival in Worthing South Dakota as the gallery coordinator in our annual 360 Loft Gallery. I’ll post pic’s of that and pics of my favorite bands performing over the 3 day music festival (Sept. 2-4). You can check out more about LifeLight here at If you’re lucky enough to live close to here there is something for everybody, metal, mainstream rock, techno parties until 2 am, even a huge children’s area if you’re the family sort.

The most important thing by far out of my month long trip though is my sister, or more to the point, her uterus, because she’s due to have my second little niece on September 15th(ish around in there abouts.) So, be ready for lots of off beat humor labor jokes and possible a really unflattering picture of my sister.

There, now that this is written I can finish packing. 5 dollars says I forget either my toothbrush or my deodorant despite having just written about them.


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  1. aaaw I'm the most important thing of your month?!!? I just hope baby makes her entrance into the world while you're here!! Do me a favor and NOT post an unflattering photo of my large prego belly. k thanks. love ya too!

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