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Howdy from South Dakota, we made it in one piece despite being delayed by weather and the round about driving we had to do since the interstate was flooded. Yay the real midwest. *rolls eyes*
Work for the LifeLight Festival started immediately. The 360 Loft Gallery is an on location regional art gallery for the 3 day, 6 stage multi-generational festival. Here is our renevated gallery space starting with the door way to our 360 Loft Gallery.
Sure, it’s rough around the edges now, but I’ve got some ideas to jazz this up, just you wait.
Here’s the inner hallway, it and the stairs are about 5 feet wide and both of these walls are going to be utilized for artwork.

Here’s the stairs from above, check out that awesome chandeleir that was donated to us! The inside railing will have art hung on it.

Here is the grand view of the space. Yes, it’s a barn, but the entire Festival is on a farm so, it works.

here’s a shot with people in it, so you can get how big this Loft really is. I’ve got 19 artist to fill the space with, plus or minus some straggelers.

Here’s the other wall, those couches specifically aren’t staying, but there will be some lounging furniture since there will be a coffee house next door to this building. In the top right corner you can just see the other chandeliers and some fans we have that were also donated. This picture does no justice to how great looking those lights really are, but they are.

That’s the grand tour so far. I called this post “stage 1” but really this is stage two, because the first time I stepped into this space it was from a ladder through a hole in the floor onto rotting floor boards. There was no lights, no fans, no windows and all the electicity was wired ontop of the floor. Also there were many many mice. Major props to the opporations team that preps the building and the grounds. You guys are my heros.

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  1. Lookin good!

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