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Wednesday was my first photo shoot (make up and directorial) so far with the amazing photographer Leah Scheoneman and our model Brittany Foos. We found a great alley way in between two abandoned buildings, they had broken windows, faded yellow paint on their stone and brick exteriors and one even had couple sets of wood doors chained closed. This place was seriously begging to be used as a back drop. So much so in fact that another photographer showed up with a client in the middle of our shoot. She had to wait her turn, but she wasn’t very happy about it. Hopefully that doesn’t happen when we have our second shoot there Sunday night to finish out this series. I’ll post more about that next Friday.

Our theme for the series is “Dirty, Gritty Joy”; too many people chase happiness in shiny, idealistic packages, but life isn’t really about that. Joy isn’t neat, pretty or even predictable. If it were it would be impossible to obtain. Life is about taking what you have and where you are and pulling joy from inside yourself despite what cards you’ve been dealt.

 That goes so much deeper for Christians, we don’t just take joy from the dimension of the universe that we live in, it goes supernatural, it should go supernatural. It should in fact be so unnatural in its intensity and abundance that there is something a little off about us, something that draws others in and makes them stare and want what we’ve got; desire the relationship we have with the Creator of Joy.

 After all, what’s the point of joy if you’re keeping it to yourself? What’s the point of happiness if it makes you look like everyone else?


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