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Okay. It’s been a long weekish. Let’s get started on everything new. The festival and gallery went really smooth. No one slept much, which is really rather expected for a three day music festival with 6 stages and two nights of techno dance parties with 2-3am end times. It would be weird to sleep, really.
 Here are some pictures of the festival. (Note: none of these band photo’s were taken by me, I only made it to one concert, which is standard for me, and extravagent for compared to some of the other volunteers I know, because there’s too much work that needs to happen. All festival pictures are courtesy of my photographer friends Leah and Shaina)
   This is Blindside, one of my long time favorites in hard rock. Luckily I could hear them playing from the Gallery so I got to enjoy them despite not being at their concert.

Here’s the crowd at John Reubens show, a one stop shop for all your super white hip hop needs, also a fav.

This is Reilly, dualing fiddle players, ‘nuf said.

 Yay, Relient K. The played a lot of their classic stuff at this concert since right now they’re promoting a cover album, which so far I like a bunch. Sadie Hawkens Dance baby. This is the one concert I made it to, for old times sake.

I have no idea who’s playing here, I just really like the crowd shot. Way to go Shaina-ba-naina.

The Gallery and 360 stage paired up for some live painters, here is Eric Samuel Timm painting, click here to see his website and amazing work in its finished form.

The work of Paul Krueger

and the beginnings of a Lindsay Hafner outdoor live paint. I wish you could see the sides of her jeans, I’m not sure how the knees of those things bend there is so much paint on them. I love it.

 The sleeplessness was battled by the great and mighty Aroma’s coffee, which was run by my awesome friends who gave me an open tab for the weekend. They were set up right next to the gallery building, here’s some pictures.

In the upper left corner of this next picture there’s a window with hog paneling over it, that window looks into the gallery, the smell of coffee kept our loft nice and fresh 24 hours, which was needed because when 300 people are packed into the downstairs area and all moshing the first floor air is nothing but 300 types of sweat. I’m in no way joking.

Poi anyone?

Yes those are of the Aroma’s crew, spinning fire. If your barrista doesn’t poi then they aren’t trying hard enough for your business (yeah, I’m looking at you Nathan. You complain your life is boring, perhaps you should consider a hobby that ensures some skin melting and impressive bruising?) My hubz use to be a hobby fire spinner in college, but hasn’t made the time for it in recent years. The Aroma’s crew let him spin some with them for fun and I think he’s been inspired to pick it up again, so maybe in the future I’ll be able to post some pictures of him on fire, because that happens, a lot, with even professional fire spinners.
   Monday I spent the morning cleaning the loft out after all the artist took their stuff down and was able to head back into town to see some out of town relatives.
   Tuesday was suppose to be a sort of sleeping in day before work began again, but my sister, through no actual fault of her own, threw those plans out the window for the whole family when she gave birth to my niece around 7 in the morning.
Here’s a picture of that, and by that I mean Taylie Jewel Brewer at three hours old hanging out on my lap.

 Her mom is recovering from a fainting spell in this picture. Don’t worry, a nurse caught her, but she was pretty out of it for a while afterwards. I could tell because this conversation happened after I sat down next to her on the bed.
Sister- “You are so preeetttttyyyy.”
Me- “wow, you fainted pretty hard huh?”
Sister- “No I mean it, your eyes and your hair, you’re nice to look at.”
Me-“Okay hunny, whatever you say.”

We had a good laugh over that the next day and by we I mean that I’m always going to think that story is funny and never going to let her forget about it.



  1. Well yes I did faint and was a little dizzy for a bit but you ARE pretty and especially so on Taylie's birthday. :)Nice blog! Love yoU! ~Shelly

  2. Awesome! I love the shot of the crowed lifting their hands as well 🙂 Sounds like on heck of a week!Dustin

  3. Sweeeeeeet

  4. I love that you blog! I think I might have to become a fan of your blog! You can check out mine too.myheartasamom.blogspot.comSarah U.

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