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Behold, the long awaited second installment of the Dirty, Gritty Joy photo shoot I worked on with the charming Leah Schoeneman of My Intricate Heart Photography . Our model is Nich Trumbull, who we borrowed for the evening from his lovely wife Bobbi. (Thank you Bobbi!). Nich was a little harder to shoot then Britt, mainly because he is a guitarist  by trade and so the first bunch of pics stunk to high heaven of “brooding guitarist.” By bunch, I mean the first 150 or so but, he got the hang of it eventually.

                                                                            Picture 297-ish

After several rounds of pictures with me swapping out ties, scarves, hats and shoes while yelling quibs at him roughly disguised as polite conversation to pull the inner quirk out of Nich’s outer “I can’t believe I’m doing this, please God don’t let anyone I know walk by this alley…” he started to loosen up and smile a bit. By the time we’d worked out a series of facial stretches to keep the mild look of disbelief and shameful horror off his face that comes from trading in your man card for drastic eye shadow and nude lip color he was actually letting loose the playful quirk we were looking for.
Thank you, Nich, for supporting the arts.
For a comprehensive view on what this photo shoot is all about check out Dirty, Gritty Joy Part 1: Brittany

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