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    I’ve been freaking out since first hearing about the Inkling, by Wacom. I sketch a lot and of course, I also enjoy the computer/ the internet, so it’s nice to have those things buddy up so nice in one sweet little package. The reviews for it are all raving amazing, which I don’t disagree with, but the product looked so much better in my head than the actually end result. That’s not Wacoms fault mind you, not really, it’s still an amazing piece of equipment, but no replacement for the cintiq 12wx I’ve been saving up for which is what I was looking for, because spending $200 vs $1000 is a no brainer.
    Alas, it is not yet to be, so I’m still squeezing my grocery and gas budget for all they’re worth, saving up for my tablet.
    In other news, I bought the paint for the kitchen and by this time tomorrow I’ll have a whole bunch of “yellow frost” coating my walls. Happy day.


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