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Knitting weather is so on right now. I’ve been train car-ing projects ever since I got home from SD a few weeks ago. I’m not really very adapt at the craft really, but I love it anyway. I’m into weird knitted things right now and found this site today,  It has an old post about weird looking knit creatures, check out this picture I borrowed from them. (Link above will take you to their article.)

How cool is that? I’m so trying this after I’m finished with the baby blanket I’m working on now for my friend Bethany Nussbaum, unless she’d rather have the squid, cause I’m totally antsy to start this. If you think this takes first place in the strange knits catagory though you have never seen this.

Yep, a dissected frog, including organs, all knit. You can buy it here if you feel like begging CraftyHedgehog to make you one. If you’re not into all the way dead things though don’t worry, the little guys I found below at are still shuffling.
Yeah, it’s awesome.
You all thought knitting was for boring people, didn’t you?

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  1. haha this is hilarious. You should make a purple squid or another little critter for Taylie. :)Shelly Belly

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