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Food has been on my brain lately and in a logical course of spaghetti noodle thoughts, turning my left over garden produce into paint is where I’ve ended up. As far as food = art goes it’s not overly spectacular, researching it online has been pretty hard because NOBODY does this, chemical paints are cheap, easy to find and have better color fastness (they don’t fade in sunlight over time nearly as quickly.) Still, I’m trying. While the internet hasn’t been directly helpful, it has been amusing, most people are familiar with butter sculpture which ranges from from the elaborate and beautiful 600 + year old traditional Tibetan Yak milk work,

To super nerdy,
and then dives very quickly into the “no Billy, you can’t bring your weird friend over for dinner,” type of strange.
It has gotten me thinking about attempting to sculpt something up for Thanksgiving. The problem is it’s sort of one of those hobbies that either impress friends and family or prompts them to urge you to take up golfing, so I’m not sure yet.
Here is the stuff played with today, tea staining.
I’m experimenting with beet and blueberry juice in glazes to add to this, I’ll post more about it as I succeed…also there may be butter sculptures. 
(Who knew macaroni art from grade school would end up being so prophetic for my future?) 

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