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This sums up my day so far. I blame the seasons. Every autumn my body tries its darndest to hybernate straight through until St. Patrick’s Day. Seriously, I haven’t been up before 9:30 once in four days. This week while the Hubz is at work (read- not here to feed the Kiddo breakfast so I can sleep in) is going to kill me.


  1. I hear you! These cold days…it's so hard to get out of bed when it is pouring rain and pitch dark. It just doesn't seem right…plus, I do not agree with the way the world clearly operates on a morning person schedule. Some people are just at their best at night!

  2. So cute little kitty!!!! I am looking for artist to participate in my new blog carnival. This is a great place to put links to your recent art related posts. Come check it out Art Blog Carnival

  3. This explains a lot… out of bed was not happening today.

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