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Well, here we have it, Naturals, number 1.

 I’m going to make two more for this series. This was a random pour for all the tea stains and the blueberry stain was brushed in afterwards. I am planning on making an old world-esque map with this technique. I’m not sure how much detail I’ll manage with it, the stretched canvas, plus it’s bulk in general, allows the liquid to sit bubbled on top for quite awhile before absorbing in, which doesn’t lend itself well to being micromanaged, however, it means it more forgiving as well. *Shrug*

My husband grinned and nodded his head like an automaton when I showed it to him. Hubz is not much for modern art, in any of its forms, so I’m turning to the internet for feed back.

What are your thoughts?



  1. Thanks! Now I just need to convince my kid to give me 30 minutes of uninterupted time…lol.

  2. I love it! I would so love this over an old world map…it would just look divine!

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