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It happened today; frost appeared for the second night in a row so we harvested every last green tomato and pulled up the vines. Here’s the last of them.

Honestly I was this close *fingers a gnat’s eyelash length apart* from ripping them up out of the ground out of spite (one gets sick of tending tomatoes, trust me.) when the frost gave me the opportunity to seem a little more sane. People tend to stare when you rant about how your relationship with your produce plants has soured. Not normal. Not even a little.

Fare thee well, tomato plants. Rest in peace, or pieces at least, since we chopped you up with pruners so you’d decay nicely in the compost pile.


One Comment

  1. Oh I know the feeling! We harvested most of our tomatoes green. Made me so mad! But I made an awesome green tomato cake our of them!!!

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