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Remember, remember, the 5th of November…for my success at writing 10,001 words for my 50,000 nanowrimo goal! That’s right, I’m a fifth of the way done! My writing buddies clayanddust who is a fellow blogger, and 0Jazzy1 from Shaping Her are also past the 10,000 and I’m not going to lie, it’s making me a bit competative. By a bit, I mean that I’ve already told Jaz I’m going to crush her over the weekend with my amazing ability to quickly vomit words onto virtual paper. *bwahahahaHA*
I’ve known Jaz a long time so I sort of figure I’m allowed to start something everyonce in a while.

My hubz MoVember is also progressing, well, yeah, progressing I suppose. Not that it’s taken much work. he’s just not shaved in awhile. He did say it was a little weird going to work on Tuesday and seeing the remainder of the 35ish guys in his workplace team all clean shaven since they are all, like him, engineer-y beard people. (you can read about more engineering-y things here)
Anywho- here’s the week one photo of the hubz. No one in his group has gotten to the shaving off the other stuff step yet, but Monday will most likey dawn with shaving cream and I will officially start my “that is so gross,” leg of his MoVember journy.

He may appeared to be annoyed, I may have snapped the picture without warning while he eating dinner, honestly, without a witness, we’ll never know what really happened here.
If you would like to donate on his profile at click here . The money goes to men’s health charities such as LIVESTRONG, the Prostate Cancer Foundation as well as Movember’s own education and awareness program
I’m not quite done yet, This week my friend and fellow artist Brian Viengthong launched a website for his non-profit ministry 2819 Paintings. He gave me some card prints of his work when we met back in September at the LifeLight 360 Gallery I hosted and I love them! You can go to his website by clicking here and his facebook ministry page here. Don’t make this bonus blog paragraph go to waste either, click the links…do it. *mind control ray* Doooo iiiit nnnnnnowwww.

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